About Us

Who we are - A team of aquarium hobbyists, fascinated by Nature Aquarium Style. Nature Aquarium tremendously inspires us to design many aquascapes over the past few years. We have been sharing our joyful aquascaping journey to the fellow hobbyists via our social media ”LitiAquaria” on InstagramYouTube and Facebook.💚

To venture further into the hobby, we decide to develop aquascaping accessories. As hobbyists, we understand what users want and what need to be improved to make the accessories more aesthetic, functional, sturdy, as well as maintenance friendly. To experience our hobbyists’ favorites, click here for the list of our products🥰.

Everyone deserves to have a “slice of nature” in a glass box. Start your aquascaping journey today, we are happy to assist you. 🌱

Slice of Nature in A Glassbox