Aquascaping Services

LitiAquaria is specialized in creating aquascapes following Nature Aquarium Style, the aesthetic concept introduced by Sir Takashi Amano back in the 1990’s. Nature Aquarium expresses natural scenery by aesthetically arranging driftwoods, stones and aquatic plants. Such aquarium will resemble nature ecosystem where aquatic plants, fish and microorganisms coexist in harmony.



The Valley of Harmony
Nature Aquarium Style: "The Valley of Harmony" 


If you would like to have a nature aquarium, be it a nano planted tank or a big scale aquascape, and you do not know where to start…reach out to us for further details on scaping services. After setting up, we are also happy to provide maintenance services to keep such aquariums in beautiful condition.🌿

Visit our portfolio of completed projects, and feel free to drop us a message at contact us for further details.